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As I mentioned in another post, our relationship has become much more public in recent times, and a lot of free time in December was spent visiting family and friends. We did not plan an official 25th fest (Christmas Day!). But in fact it kind of happened anyway!

Giving each other presents and having each other become closer to each other’s family was a very bonding experience. We had a lot of time off work and did a lot of sleepovers. We went back and forth between our houses; what Eve funnily called a “bed” crawl. I loved it!!

We also had some quiet movie / tea drinking nights to rest up between visits. Some of the most enjoyable evenings we’ve had. Christmas holidays this year was just incredible!!


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We went to our first sex show..and attended for an entire weekend!

Seminars, demonstrations, booths..it was incredible. I just felt like a hot guy even just being there. Eve wrote about this in the post – “three candles“.

To me, the weekend was very much about getting past our shyness about wanting to explore our sexuality. And explore we did. We left that weekend with enough toys to keep us entertained until next year’s show. The XXX factor of our already ridiculicious sex life went off the charts.

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So Adam and I came up with a new game for our relationship this weekend. The “Secret Sex Word of the Day” It came up since on Saturday night I told Adam that he was “yummy” as we were falling asleep, and for some reason that really turned him on and we ended up not going  to sleep for another few hours! The next morning we were getting up to make some breakfast and I mentioned my Lululemon’s (a workout pant that guys seem to really like to see on girls) and that word delayed our breakfast plans for another hour.

It was really funny how a “word”, could ignite passion in us and make us go crazy! So since the both of us are quite playful and love a good game, we decided to every day put in our BlackBerries a “Secret Sex Word of the Day” and during that day if the other person ever said the word we had to exit the situation as soon as possible and have sex. No questions asked. The person just has to show the other that the secret word is logged into the BlackBerry and then they both have to come up with some excuse to get away.

Now we’ve only had the words come up when we were alone in the bedroom. So who knows how it’s going to work outside of that. We don’t know what the chances really are that the other will say some random word that we’ve come up with. And the word changes every day…

Day one is today. I’ve got my word in my BlackBerry so let’s see how it goes. We have an ultimate game tonite…so I could predict some “words” that we’d both be saying in the game. But I guess that’s cheating. It would be WAY more fun to have a completely random word set it off. Stay Tuned.

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Eve and I came up with a really cool invention, a kind of monthly holiday/adventure for two that happens once a month – 25th fest! See our earlier blog for more details.

I’m going to share some details from each 25th fest on our blog, here’s the first entry – enjoy!

We started the day with an amazing sandwich – veal parm, mmm. This would eventually become a 25th fest tradition.

We went to the market and bought aphrodisiacs galore (chocolate, oysters, strawberries, figs, etc.) for dinner that evening.

We went to a cafe and played a few games to stimulate the mind.

Later that evening we turned the living room into a feast of the senses and went wild!

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The term twentyfifthfest came out over some emails between Adam and me. We were trying to figure out a day that we could do something special together, just the two of us. The first date that was available was September 25th and we started to brainstorm something fun that we could do together that day. Before we knew it, we were refering it to Twentyfifthfest!

We are planning on celebrating twentyfiftfest every month for the rest of our lives. It’s the 3rd Saturday in every month (not always the 25th unfortunately) and it’s a day dedicated to doing something just the two of us. It has to include one “new” experience, either a new activity, new food or new experience that is new to the both of us. And then we do something that connects us intimately at night. A fantasy that we want to act out, a new position (or variety of them) a way to stimulate all our senses in a new way.

Setting a side just one day a month to celebrate your relationship is an amazing time to rediscover why you love eachother. So we’re going to blog about each one. Feel free to twentyfifthfest along with us and rekindle that spark every month!! (or in our case….make sure you never lose the spark)

Here’s one of the great emails trying to plan the day, you have to read to September Twentyfifthfest blog to see what we really did!

Hey Eve!!
 Something came over me today, I am totally crazy excited for saturday…I started thinking about some things and I just wanted to throw a few ideas out there. I’m totally open to anything…we are the dream team, it’s almost unfair to have this much talent in one pairing, when we decide to go out and have fun it’s pretty much a guarantee for good times!!
Ok, so I was thinking about one of the things I liked about tantra…spending time being aware of the senses…the course was one of the few times I slowed down my short-attention-span lifestyle and savoured sights, smells, sounds.  So I thought maybe we could add that flavour to our all day saturday date! (more…)

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