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The sexual connection that Eve and I share is very satisfying to me.  On the rare nights we get a chance to sleep over, it is not uncommon for us to stay up all night (no exaggeration), cuddle, talk and mostly have sex for hours.  It has gotten to the point that we have to implement special plans that encourage us to wrap it up and get some sleep so that we don’t ruin our whole week!  I’d have to say that this is hands down the best problem I’ve ever had in a relationship.  I joke about it, but it’s actually something we need to work out.  Sometimes we’ll avoid sleeping over because we know we can’t discipline ourselves to sleep when we should.

About a month ago, Eve went on vacation for a week.  It’s weird, our daily lives are so busy that we sometimes only see each other once in a week, but for some reason when she was far away the missing each other was all the more intense.  When she came back to town, what took place was like an olympiad of sex; we didn’t leave the bedroom for 20 hours.

Since then our schedules have not synced up again for a sleepover.  We did have a few short visits.  When we did we (more…)


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With a busy weekend ahead of me, I decided to spend Friday night relaxing on the couch with some popcorn and a movie. Ended up picking the comedy “Date Night” with one of my favourite actresses, Tina Fey. Overall, I thought it was a pretty funny movie and of course it made me think a lot about relationships. About what life’s going to be after a few kids….are Adam and I going to be able to kick ass and fight crime like the couple in the movie? Most of all, one saying stuck in my mind. We don’t want to ever become “excellent roomates”. (which happened to one of the couples in the movie that split up) The whole point of the extreme date was to add some spice into their relationship.

Adam and I don’t live together and with our extremely busy schedules we probably only see each other once or twice a week. So getting together is so exciting! We can barely keep our hands off each other, we have tons to stuff to say to each other, and when we hit the sac…. (more…)

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