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Never Too Late

Lyrics of the song Never Too Late:

Hoping I can run today and get away faster
Than ever from here
Another night and who can say if leaving is better
Than living in fear

It’s been too long and we’ve been down and out without laughter
No smiling just tears
We’re tired of falling down and being such a disaster
We’ve been here for years

Here’s to all the broken hearts tonight
Here’s to all the “fall-a-parts” tonight
Here’s to every girl and boy who lost their joy
They let it get away

You know it’s never too late
Get up and start all over again
You know it’s never too late
There’s got to be a better way
Don’t settle for the cold and rain
It’s not too late to start again
Find a way to smile and never let it get away!

I remember listening to this song a lot while running right after my separation. Running and working out was a way for me to clear my mind, re-gain energy and feel good about myself again. My previous relationship was extremely stressful and unhealthy and it took its tollĀ on me. There wasn’t much laughter and a whole lotta tears. I had lost all my joy, and let everything that was important in my life get away. So listening to this song was bang-on.

But what I loved about the song was the hope it gave me. (more…)


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